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Lock Bumping and Bump Keys

“ Lock bumping is the term for a very common technique used to open pin tumbler style locks that are installed in over 90% of homes and businesses worldwide. A specially designed key known as a bump key is all it takes to open virtually any lock of it’s type. The Lock bump key (also


Don’t fall for this locksmith scam

BBB urges consumers to protect themselves from ‘nationwide swindle’ ” Most locksmiths are honest. A few are not. According to a new warning from the Better Business Bureau, these untrustworthy locksmiths are “ripping off consumers” across the country. The BBB says this “nationwide locksmith swindle” has already resulted in more than a thousand complaints. “We


Police Breaking Up Phony Locksmiths

Source: 8newsnow.com – “Just look at the phone book or online and you’ll see hundreds of fly-by-night locksmith outfits using phony names and bogus addresses to fleece millions of dollars each year out of locals and tourists. The scam emanates from New York and Florida and appears to be a highly organized criminal enterprise that


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