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Lock Bumping and Bump Keys

Lock bumping is the term for a very common technique used to open pin tumbler style locks that are installed in over 90% of homes and businesses worldwide. A specially designed key known as a bump key is all it takes to open virtually any lock of it’s type.

The Lock bump key (also referred to as a ‘999’ key) is easily produced by simply filing down the points on a blank key or any other key designed to fit in the key hole of a particular style of lock. The points are filed to the lowest depth in each groove and very small ridges or elevations are left between the grooves, if the points remain too steep, the key will not enter or exit the locks key hole. The tip of the key as well as the shoulder of the key must also be filed down by about one millimeter.

Preventing Lock Bumping – It’s Ironic that more sophisticated manufacturing processes are in fact producing locks with cylinders that are actually easier to Bump because the pins are designed to move more freely and smoothly which is ideal conditions for lock bumping. Also these more sophisticated locks are often manufactured with hardened steel which make them less susceptible to damages that  might otherwise occur on a cheaper lock causing it to jam and remain locked.

High security Locks having pins combined with a regular tumbler mechanism will typically make bumping a more difficult task but not entirely impossible.Other security locks such as Electronic and magnetic locks or locks that incorporate rotating disks can not be compromised with the bumping technique, as well as restricted or registered key profiles because the correct key-blanks cannot be legally obtained without permission or proper registration with an accredited locksmith association.

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